I think I can...I think I can...

Two more days until my first craft show. I'm excited and a tad bit anxious. I am just about ready to go, just a few more gift card holders to make along with my signs with pricing information. This has been really fun, not sure if I'll ever do it again.....oh heck, I just might!

{{A little note about my display...the lighting isn't the greatest in my living room, but I used it as my practice area. I just have to crack up at my little Teddy in the back ground. I promise he is not sitting on the table..he's on the arm of the sofa behind the table. He's just so nosey!}}

Big Joe put together my peg board on Sunday...cut it down small enough to fit nicely on a 6' table. I added some dark brown spray paint. (Yes...I must have been thinking chocolate!) I got my fabric yesterday and some brightly colored ribbon to run my tags together that display my name on top of the pegboard.

Thanks again to those who have helped me out, advised me and cheered me on.

Wish me luck on this journey. Better yet...if you are local, please come say hi at the show.

Scrap 'N Oasis
1244 U.S. Hwy 70 E
New Bern, NC


Friday & Saturday December 3&4
9am - 6pm

Below is a photo of the fabric I used on the bottom of my table. The pictures I took don't show the colors nearly as bright as they are in person.


Excellent job, Donna! You're gonna do great. Btw, craft shows are addictive........trust me.
Karen said…
It was nice meeting you today. Love your creations!! You can check out my daughter's creations here http://burstsofcreativity.blogspot.com/
Donna K said…
Nice meeting you too Karen! Your work is very beautiful. If you ever decide to teach a class, please let me know. I'd love to join you! I'm excited to visit your daughter's blog. Thanks for sharing.