L O N G post....

I titled this post... L O N G so consider yourself warned!

Last weekend I took a short trip to Florida with Big Joe. His folks were there on vacation.  For us it was a *leisurely* little 12 hour drive.  These kind of trips are so special to me in many ways.  First of all, we get some quality time with family.  We don't get to see them often so it's nice to have time to catch up and be together.  

The other reason...for me is that I get to be with Joe..... in the car for hours on end...We laugh, talk, I take a few naps, eat snacks and enjoy coffee...listen to music and grumble about all those crazy drivers out there.  Did I mention that I take a few naps?  Most of all...it's the quiet time with just us two that means the world to me.  I am an "at home" wife, but our lives are busier than most would ever imagine.  So....yeah...I love "us" time.  

 The ones responsible for bringing my sweetie into this world....Mom & Dad Baes

The added bonus to the weekend was getting to see our friend Linda.  She is the mom of my dearest friend, Cheryl.  

Love this FACE!

Oranges galore...

While in Clearwater we were able to spend some quiet time and even got in a game of disc golf.  I was the photographer / cheerleader?  What do you call it when you say...."Good job, honey!"  I think it's a cheerleader of sorts, right?

My photography skills could use some help, but...I try.  I was trying to capture the "bridge"   

All done...18 holes of disc golf on a warm and beautiful day.  Who wouldn't be smiling?

  Cell phones come in handy sometimes...especially when you forget your camera.  

Later today I'll post a few fun projects I've been working on....  
Enjoy your day, it's the only one you'll get today!  



RacerPig said…
Donna Kay Rocks!
Dawn said…
I see RacerPig has not issues posting..lol I tried again this morning, now my 3rd attempt! Great shots you got! How many of those oranges did you snag?
Karen said…
Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time...nothing beats running away with the man you love and live with. So rejuvenating isn't it? My husband and I are long overdue to runaway.