Tag...You're IT!

Who knew that opening an ETSY store would be so......FUN?  Not sure if FUN is the word but it has been an interesting day for me.  I have posted some of the tags that I had displayed at the recent craft show.  My thinking is that if I opened this shop then I'd perhaps sell a few more things to make room for the new stock as I complete my projects.  See how that works?  I can't make more if I don't have room to store it, right?  No, not really but...it's a nice thought.  

The pictures I've posted are of the items that were some of my personal favorites.  I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed making them.    Also, keep in mind how much these tags can come in handy.  They are great for adding to a wine bottle for a hostess or birthday gift.  You can apply them to a scrapbook page or even send them as they are with a note on back.  

I have one that was given to me displayed on a jar in my kitchen that was created by my sweet friend Dawn at Jademingmei Designs click the link for the post that includes the one she made for me.

So, the possibilities are endless.  If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of my items drop me a note.

Have a splendid day...

~donna K