Sometimes You Just Need to Organize

I've been working like crazy on items for upcoming craft shows the past few weeks. This week has been dedicated to Teacher Items (to be posted soon). But... I HAD to stop.  Take a breather and straighten out some of my supplies.  

Ribbon has always been a difficult thing for me to store.  I've tried, bins, a drawer, baggies and finally I decided to use an idea I saw out there on someone's blog, but can't for the life of me remember who.  It recommended using balsa wood to store ribbon so...that's what I did. 

{{ I think that I should have used a bit sturdier wood, maybe beech wood.  I may change to that if the balsa doesn't hold up for me. }}

I put my ribbon in bunches by color and went from there.  My small storage unit with three drawers was crammed full of ribbon that was way too over loaded.  I had a hard time finding anything, but  is now nice and neat.  My "after" pics show just how nice it is.  I wish I had taken "before" pics.  

The first drawer is my "extra" and bulky ribbons, this will actually be the bottom drawer now.
The middle drawer will actually be used the most and my top drawer, how cool is this?!
The third drawer will be my second most used drawer, holding my seam binding and twines.

 I'm quite pleased with this little project and now I must get back to work.  Today is pumpkin hunting day and I have a lot to do before we start out in search of the perfect jack o lantern to carve.

Hope you have a GREAT day today!

~Donna K


Karen said…
It was me, it was me! Looks great!
Karen said…
I also use an old cassette case to hold my ribbon. Easy to see what I have.
Donna K said…
I should have known it was YOU that had that idea, Karen! Thanks for the helpful links.