Craft Show Goodies

Craft Show Goodies available for Sale 
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Snowman Hugs & Kisses ~ XOXO

Minty Fresh Snowman Treats

$2.50 each ( 3 1/4" x 2" approx. size)

6 Available


Holiday Candy Sticks

Assorted Candy Sticks 

$1.50 each (if you purchase more than 6 ~ $1 each)

Red, White, Green (Mint M&M) Qty 5
Brown, Red, Pink (Dark Chocolate) Qty 9
Blue & White (York Peppermint Patty) Qty 14

Santa's Sweet Pillow Boxes

Each Box has a fun sized treat inside. These boxes can be untied so you can add an additional gift.

Approximate Size 3" x 2"
$2.00 each

4 available


A Christmas Greeting with Something for Eating
Pillow Box treats with fun sized candy inside.

Approx Size 3"x2"  
Qty 5 Available

***Payment by paypal only.  
Shipping will be included on your invoice.
Please email me for any questions.

Pick up available for local customers.