12 Days of December Blog Party with Einat Kessler

I came across a post on Facebook that mentioned a "blog party"  
I thought...why not?!  Everyone loves a party, right?

Click here to find out more about this party and to join in on the inspiration and the fun! Day two has been posted and Einat Kessler is so talented I just know you'll love following along.

 For our Day 2 mission our task was to write about our funniest or weirdest holiday dinner.  I can't say that I can even think of a weird one or even one that is all that hilarious...kinda boring, huh?!  We have Seafood Gumbo and Cheesy rolls every Christmas.  Some people think that is "weird" because it's not the usual traditional meal.  However...we LOVE it and I LOVE that my hubby prepares it!  So...if Seafood Gumbo is funny or weird...perhaps I'll win today's prize?! 

Hope your day has been wonderful.  

~Donna K