Joe Baes Project

Joe Baes Project?  

Joe in Iraq (on the left) 2008

That name sounds somewhat familiar you say? is....and here's why.

Joe Baes is my hubby.  My talented, singing, song writing hubby.  Retired Marine guy who loves to perform and entertain friends and family since well before we started dating over 31 years ago!  ACK!!!

(I was a baby back then....keep that in mind if you will.)

Chris & Joe at Harrika's Brew Haus, Cedar Point, NC

Last week we had a house guest who served in the Marine Corps with Joe when he was stationed in Iraq in 2005.  They hooked up with another buddy who was also in Iraq with them who happened to be in the Army.  They had a blast and entertained a bunch of us at a few local places.  Made my heart proud and happy to see him enjoying himself so much.  

Sweater KittenZ, New Bern Hilton Deck Party

This week....Mama is TIRED!  I've been recovering and working on projects and playing catch up.  It'll all get done, eventually.

Mike (BP) Galloway, Joe (Racerpig) Baes, Chris (moonpie) James
Hilton Waterfront Deck Party, New Bern,  NC

That's all I got right now folks...just wanted to post something new and say thanks to Big Joe for making so many people smile with his beautiful music! 



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Anonymous said…
Nice pics and nice tribute/recognition. Your photos need to turn up on home-made cards sometime. I look forward to the next concert! Talent runs in this family.