Front Door Continued....

Hey Y'all...

Who would have ever thought that a door project would take SO long to complete??????  Certainly not me.  The deal is, my dear sweet hubby spent three days, sanding, painting, then another coat...then another...andddd another in the Eastern NC humidity.  It finally was dry enough to hang.  We left the original hardware.  We debated.... actually,  he didn't debate...he liked the original...I debated with myself.  Now that the door is up, I can't decide if I like it or not, it just needs....something.

My sister (RaSonda@Lake Cottage Dreams) shared a link with me to a blog called Living in Cypress Hill which had a door project going on as well so I pop over there and find a very similar situation, however...if you read Misti's post she did a few things different so I'm tempted to follow her lead and try her technique with the black paint.  Thing is...I'm soooo scared!  Am I the only one who gets *scared* at home improvement projects?  I think not...have you been in this situation and what ever did you do?

An after pic with the storm door open.  
I know a beautiful wreath would do wonders, but I still find myself saying...ehhhh, not so sure. 

Ok, time to get busy on some stationery orders I have pending!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are.

Talk soon,  DonnaK


No, you are NOT the only one!! I get scared all the time, and a front door is big and time consuming project. I actually like where you are heading with the door, but I do agree that something is off. As I have been getting more heavily involved in decor projects I have realized the importance of the perfect color and tones. From looking at in a picture it looks like this has a pretty strong pink undertone. What if you found a darker walnut stain that you applied and then wiped off right away, just to give it that darker tone? I think red is perfect for your home, that is just a really bright and slightly pink hue.
PS- the details on that door are beautiful! I love the hardware too, I am actually digging that color but if you aren't feeling it, they do make satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
Donna K said…
Thank you so much for your input, RaSonda! I didn't realize it, but I think you nailed it with the *pink* under tone or something. Once the door is finished I want to stain the concrete on the porch, but I have to get this project done...I must...I MUST! :-)
I get scared too! And the thing about paint is that you can always paint over it! :)

And it took me a while to find the right red, too!
Donna K said…
Misti...we WILL finish this doorway this weekend. Trim needs to be freshened up as well! I think I can...I think I can...I think I can! haha
Angie Tieman said…
Hi! I'm stopping by for the Moxie Fab Out & About Challenge!

I super heart your new red front door! I have a dream of having a red front door too, hehe! And my living room is also dark, so when we bought our house, my birthday present a month later was a new glass storm door so I can leave the inside door open most of the time too! Thanks for sharing your project!