Life is a HIghway {warning...long post}

Does the title of this post make you think of a song?  "Life is a Highway....I'm gonna ride it all night long."  Aren't you glad you can't hear my voice...if not, you better be.  I'm no singer.

This post is dedicated to a few very important things going on in my life this coming week.  As we travel the highway to our family and friends in Michigan/Indiana we always have lots of time to talk, sing, snack...nap...snack...did I say snack?  I think I may gain anywhere from 3-5 lbs in a 15 hour span!  Lucky we don't do these trips all that much...lucky for my waistline anyway!

Once we arrive at our destination, we'll have the evening to get settled in and unpack for the week and rest up from the trip.  We awaken to the birthday of our daughter, the lovely Miss Cassandra Aileen Baes, who  turns 23 on May 7th.  I don't think there could have been any bigger blessing than her birth (other than her BROTHERS of course) but hers fell near Mother's Day back in 1988 too so you can imagine my joy to have a baby girl as our third child.

My daughter.  The soft spoken, sweet spirit who has brightened my life and is my sunshine.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  May your life be eternally happy and blessed!

On to the next event.  Yes, I am going on a bit in this post, sorry.  I am having withdrawals since my last post and wanted to be sure to get all my thoughts down since I was in the "talking" mood.

The next "event" of the weekend is my anniversary.  Oh yes, I was a mere baby back in 1982 when I married that tall handsome kid, who became the man of my dreams.  We kind of grew up together so to speak.  Both of us right out of high school, determined to marry and run off to Okinawa and live like "grown-ups" in our own little apartment.   After many years, three kids and lots of military moves here we are.  I couldn't ask for more, when I say my life is blessed, it really is.

I love you, Big Joe!  Happy Anniversary.

Ok, ok...NEXT.

Happy Mother's Day!  Yep, again...what a great weekend.  See, I wasn't kiddin' ya!  I will say, right here on this blog for whoever to read (or perhaps no one but myself!)...My life wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for being the mother of my three wonderful children.  Who are now adults.  I love you, each of you.... to the moon and back again!

To my Mom...thank you.  I love you....

We share the same birthday and have also grown up together.  I know you've sacrificed a lot and taught me so very much.  You are my friend as well as my mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Uh oh........there's MORE!  Lastly...for this post...the reason for the trip at this time baby sister is  YES, COLLEGE!  Congratulations RaSonda!!  I'm so proud of you for so many reasons.  All of those sleepless nights, busy days, three kids, a dog, a cat and a husband...and YOU DID IT!  I'm so honored to be part of your special day.  Three Cheers for the graduate!  Tuesday is your big day and I just can't wait!

So, that sums up my weekend, folks.  If you read all of this you're probably thinking that you know more about my life than necessary, but that's ok.  I like to talk, to share and also to read about other peoples' lives as well, that's what blogging is all about, right?  If you're fortunate enough to have your mom with you this weekend, hug her, thank her and just love her.  She will appreciate it more than you know.  

~Peace....  May you find it in the little things.  


Anonymous said…
Beautiful blog, Donna--I enjoyed reading every word!
-Your friend,
Marie Weaver
c_kanupp said…
There is so much love in your words! Happy Anniversary; and Happy Mother's Day!! You are an incredibly beautiful mother and those wonderful children of yours are blessed to have you in their lives.
<3 Carla
Karen said…
Have a fabulous weekend. Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day!
RacerPig said…
What a great vacation!
Rasonda said…
Loved this post!!! Great tribute to daughters, mothers, husbands, and of course it has me in it- HAHA!!! Love you and happy mothers day to all... I know its late but hell we deserve a whole month dang it!!!