Get Moving!

Pedal, Pedal...

This is the third year that Joe and I have participated in the MS 150 challenge and boy are my legs feeling it this month.  This year's event is on September 10 & 11 right here in our beautiful little town.   New Bern has been hosting this event for many years and they do a great job.  

Today I rode 22 miles (not even close to 75 that I'm training for) but it was a gorgeous morning and I really enjoyed myself out there.  I try to keep in mind that I'm fortunate enough to be able to ride my bicycle and that helps me stay focused on why I'm doing this fund raiser in the first place. 

I'm hoping to exceed my goal of $500 this year.   The chart says I'm at 39% right now so it looks like I need to get busy collecting.  {{ Go HERE to donate. }}

              PS...yes...I'm gladly accepting donations.  
              Click HERE to get to my page or look under 
              TEAM POG and you'll see my name.   


You go lady!!! Awesome that you are doing such a great thing for a great charity- and that you are taking care of your body as well!!! Hope you get lots of donations. I will be donating soon!!!
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