I {Heart} You Forever

Today has been a good day, lots of catching up on some much needed "creating" time.  After doing a few quickie household to-do's and walking my pooch in the 40 degree sunshine I rushed in and did a little surfing on pinterest (yes, I love that site) and yes, the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling *pins* CRACK me right up!

Text from Dawn:  "Hey Girl, why you want to die-cut that heart, when you've already got mine?"
Text from Donna to Dawn:  "hahahahahaha"

{{Yes...I added the font to the pic, I couldn't help myself, thank you RaSonda for the idea! }}

Yes, I love my friends and I {heart} them dearly for making my days lighter and brighter.

May your {heart} be happy and blessed.


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I dont know what I love more... Ryan or hearts. The fact that its even a competition shows how awesome your craft is.... anyone who knows me knows I am a DIE HARD Gosling lover- hahaha!!!!