Let's Hear It For The Boy

2012 may be the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese Calendar, but I have a feeling it is also the year of the "boy"  Several people I know are having or have recently had baby boys.  According to The Bump Jacob is top of the list for boy names.  I don't know any Jacobs arriving any time soon but I do have a dear friend who's due with a *J* name arriving in April.  

Then there's my baby brother (who happens to be the only boy in our family) and his lovely wife are due in February with their *little man* they haven't chosen a *J* name but a more traditional family name.  I'll keep that a secret until his big reveal.  It is the upcoming birth of my newest nephew that inspired me to create a banner.  The shower is coming up soon and baseball is the theme.  I will admit that I had a BALL with this project.  Get it...BALL?  Yes, I'm feeling silly as I sit here thinking I need another cup of coffee this morning.  

This particular banner stretches out to nearly 7' 8" from end to end.  I used my cricut to cut the circles and staggered them each by 1/2" so the mat would show nicely.  They are approximately 4 3/4" each.  The font is also cricut cut and I used the SchoolBook Plantin *roly poly* option so the font would stand out on the baseball paper.  I think it shows up very well.  To connect the discs I just tied a bit of coordinating ribbon to each section, mixing colors and patterns to give it depth and make it festive.  

Thanks for taking a moment join me today.  I hope whatever you do today it is WONDERFUL!



You should SO add the banners to your shop. They are so cute. People would snap those up! Love it!