Some Bunny Loves You ~ Now and Then

Some Bunny Loves You...


Some Bunny Loves You! stands right out on these sweet little tags. They are for some candy treasures that I made for a few events coming up this month.  The saying is far from original.  I remember it when I was little and remember saying it to my kiddos around this time of year too.  Corny, I know....but what can I tell ya?  I'd give credit to the originator of it, but...I have no clue who that might be.  Type it in on google, ESTY, Pinterest and you'll find it EVERYWHERE! I was thinking of this saying it reminded me of a bunny cake that I attempted a LONG time ago.  Lucky for me my kids were little and had no idea how...shall I say...NOT great it turned out.  Those little bunnies loved me and thought that it was the BEST cake they ever had!  Who knew that over 10 years would pass and I'd recall making this cake and sit here remembering those days when my kiddos were small.  Seems like yesterday and a million years ago.


The Donna K Bunny Cake!
Forgive my photo taking skills, friends.  

The three little people who brighten my world back then...and still do.  
Who wouldn't want Darth Vader in their basket...I'm mean really?!

That's it for my post today.  I'm terrible about posting on a regular basis.  I think I struggle so much with my writing skills.  I'm not the most creative, inventive writer and my grammar is the pits, but...sometimes it's just fun to vent and to share.  I hope you're having a great day and remember...
Some Bunny Loves You too!!

Enjoy your day!

~Donna K

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Love the Easter goodies!!! I don't know what is more adorable... the goodies or the picture of the your little ones. And I would LOVE Darth in my Easter basket. The bunny cake looks yummy too- haha!!! If its sweet, I will east it, I don't care what it looks like!
Melissa said…
Very cute tags! OMG! I love that lil bunny cake! too cute. Also that such a sweet pic of your family!
Donna K said…
Thanks for the cake compliments ladies. I've gotten a "little" better at baking since 1989 but not much!