What I Did Today

Today...I tried my best to catch up on orders.  As I said before {several times} we were on vacation with family.  Yes, we had a fab time, but now it's time to get back in the groove.  Hubby was kind enough to mail out a card order.  This banner...on the other hand was something fun I'm doing for a friend who happens to be getting married this Friday...yep...Friday the 13th is their lucky day.

Simple and Sweet Banner for the Mr & Mrs.  I believe they will be displaying this above their cake table.

Banners are fun...I kinda like making 'em.  Hope your day was BEAUTIFUL!

Donna K

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I dont know if I would have fun making banners, but i sure have fun LOOKING at yours. They are awesome.... LOVE them... and this one is no exception. So adorable for a wedding or engagement party.