Mother's Day Tags

Being a mom has been such a joy to me.  I'm not always the best at it, but thankfully I have forgiving children. 
( Adult Children I might add. ) 
My *youngest* is 24 today, my how time flies. 

Speaking of flying...

The Butterflies were fluttering around this past week as I worked on a request from a very nice lady who wanted to treat her friends to Mother's Day Gifts.  I came up with these tags after some inspiration from a gift tag I received from my friend Dawn.  These tags are so versatile, I just love 'em!

I made 20 of these lil beauties using the same basic tag and design, just changing paper, ink and ribbon colors.  

This one in black and vintage photo ink. 

Add them to a pretty craft sack with a doily or just tie them right on to the package.

The one above is my favorite.  I think it's the crinkled seam binding bow in that sherbet color that got me. 

They all flew off to Florida today. I almost hated to see them go.

Don't forget your mom this weekend or that other someone who might just need to be reminded that they are special too.  

Thanks for stopping by today...

Donna K

PS...the stamps used on these tags are from Verve


Love them Donna K. They are beautiful and such a great addition to a gift. I love the way you stage your products. You have such a beautiful blog and take gorgeous photos. Cant wait to see your next creation!!