Hello RaSonda@Lake Cottage Dreams!

July 12th....already?!  Where has the summer gone?  I have no idea, but while you're thinking about that grab a cup of coffee and prepare to read up on a post from someone very near and dear to my heart.

Thank you, RaSonda for taking time out of your busy schedule to create a post for us!

Much Love....

Hi Created by DonnaK readers! I'm Rasonda from Lake Cottage Dreams and I am so honored to be here sharing one of my home decor crafts with you guys.

One of my main goals in decorating is building character using easy and cheap methods. I live in a home that severely lacks character, charm, coziness... or anything else that may start with a 'C'. It is very builder grade and fairly new so I have been trying to learn how to create my own charm. Since we moved into our home I have learned that there are many inexpensive ways to add character to your home without breaking your budget. Some little tricks I have found along the way are...

Adding quarter round to your base boards to create a customized look.

Using punches of color throughout your home for added warmth.

Decorating with hints of your personal style or things that represent you and your family.

Mounting board and batten or bead board for dimension.

Another way to build character is by making changes to basic things you have laying around your home. Adding fabric to the back of cubby shelves is a super easy and inexpensive way to shake things up and add some color. What you will need for the project is...

*Different sized cubby shelves {I know they sell they at Target and Wal Mart for a decent price, but since these things hit their peak a few years back I see them all over at thrift stores and garage sales}

*Thumb tacks

*Different colored and patterned fabric pieces {I had some leftover from another project and I bought some of the fabric squares from Jo Ann Fabrics They are about $2 smackers for a 12 x 12 piece}



*Measuring tape

First, measure your cubbies and cut out your pieces of fabric. I actually just traced around the cubby with a pencil and cut along my pencil line.

Pull the fabric taut and inset a thumb tack in a corner... you may need to tap it with the hammer. Place a tack in each of the four corners using proper spacing as to not split the wood or let the tack show. Then as you pull your fabric taut place more tacks at halfway points in between each set of tacks. Depending on your fabric you may need to insert more tacks all the way around the square.

Last, You will need to trim off any excess fabric that may hang out of the edges {that is if you are terrible at measuring like I am!}. Finally, cut out notches out where your screws will go and you are ready to hang.

Mount your "like new" freshened up shelves and display all the fun things that encapsulate the room, you, and your family. 

Thanks so much for having me DonnaK, and thanks so much to your readers. I hope you guys had as much fun reading as I did swinging by!!


Great ideas!
Thank you for sharing with us!