Not my usual post....

As I'm sure you've noticed if you follow my blog ...... posts have been few and far between.  A busy summer and a busy part time business is the only thing I can blame it on other than the fact that I'm just NOT a great writer.  Big surprise, eh? NOT

So...for today I wanted to share a piece of art work that my daughter created.  She is an amazing artist and is currently attending UNCW as a full time art student...throw in a little German Language and her job and boy, she's got it going on!  (yes, proud momma here)

She texted me a photo of a project that they were required to create.  Something 3D using foam poster board.  She mentioned that she had to use three textures, one color and that she got a thumbs up from her peers on the critique.  I'm sure there were more detailed directions, but that's the gist. 

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So...for me...I was blown away by the fact that foam backed poster board could be so beautiful.  Who knew?  

Thanks to the lovely Cass B for allowing me to brag about her work a bit.  You can see some of her hobby on her website, All Things CAB.   If you stop by, be sure to mention that I sent you!

Hope you enjoy!  Happy Sunday!
~Donna K