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Lucky Banner Tutorial

Well hello there fellow paper crafters, it's Dawn from JadeMingmei Designs!  I'm so thrilled that Donna asked me to do a special guest post on CreatedbyDonnak!  Not only is Donna a talented crafter, but she is also a very dear, personal friend of mine!  We've known each other for many, many years and we've kept in touch even when our husbands military careers have kept us separated!  We were separated again last summer when we left North Carolina for our new home in Okinawa, Japan.  We certainly did not want to leave our home and great friends, but sometimes the military has other 'plans' for your life...even when expecting another baby!  Needless to say, modern technology is a wonderful thing!  We still laugh(cackle) and carry on about the latest and greatest products in paper crafting! 

These days my 'play' time is very slim and my hands full...very full!  We have 3 littles, Jack 10 months, Gracie 9, and Addison 6.  I try to squeeze in some creative time somewhere between naptime and bedtime!  With limited time, I find I'm much more organzied and I have a better sense of direction on projects vs. just pulling out said supplies and staring at them thinking, 'gee, what will I make to day?'  You know the exact feeling, yes?!  So with that being said, I don't want to prolong this entry!  Let's get to crafting, shall we?

 If you're not familiar with my work, banners are one of my favorites!  It's like scrap booking and card making all-in-one!  I also love to use 'rosettes' on my banners.  The rosettes really add a lot of depth and texture vs. a 'flat' banner.  Grab your supplies and let's GO!

Step 1:  Cut 2 strips of gold card stock @ 1.5 x 8 1/4.  Scor @ every 1/4 mark.
 Step 2:  Once you have your two strips taped together, it's time to gather the rosette into a tight circle.  It will flip and flop about, just hold it down tight.  Apply hot glue around the middle and cover with a scrap piece of card stock.  Don't worry about what this piece looks like, it's getting covered up...really soon!
 Step 4:  Flip over the rosette and repeat the hot glue steps for the backside.  It's much easier to do the backside because you won't have to hold tightly for gluing.  Voila, easy peasy!  Now the fun part begins...decorating!
 Step 5:  I normally keep the bottom of my cards flat, but I thought I might try something new!  I'm glad I did, because I love the chevron cut on the bottom.  If you'd like to try this, it will take a few passes on the Big Shot because of the multiple paper layers.
I was trying to capture the subtle shimmer of the gold card stock here!  This shot did however pick up the wonderful glitter on the lettering!  I used some glitter glue to 'paint' the letters.  FUN!
Thank you for allowing me to share something fun!  I hope this inspires YOU to make something homemade, whether it be for your home, family, or's 'a good thing'!

Happy Crafting!
Dawn ;)


Karen said…
Thank you so much Dawn for sharing this. You are one very talented lady.
Kimberly said…
What a great tut Dawn! I have tried a few different ways of doing rosettes, but this one looks simple and I love the end result, thank you so much, can't wait to try it!
Wonderful tutorial! I just love this!
ScrapYourWorld said…
such a fantastic banner!! love the use of the chevron cut on the bottom!!! Thanks Donna for sharing your blog with others!!!!
Super cool Dawn! Thanks for sharing!