Proud as a Little Pinque Peacock

Any guesses why I'm so excited about today's post?  
I'll give you one guess.  
Got nothing? Ok... I'm just going to tell you.   
It's official...
the lovely ladies of Pinque Peacock have made the announcement.  

The DT for Pinque Peacock has been selected for 2013.  

And.... drum roll please.....

Yours,  truly... that would be ME... has been included in with an amazing group of talented artists!  

I'm just tickled Pinque and so honored to be included!   
What this means is... I will be creating, guest hosting and blog hopping along with these gals as we share our 
PinquePeacock creations with YOU.   

I hope that you'll be inspired and motivated right along with me as I do my best as part of this new adventure.   I have been creating with paper for several years, but this is my first "Design Team".  

Thank you,  Jessica & Heather,  for this opportunity! 

So now... pop on over to the Pinque Peacock Blog... 

say hello and congratulate the other "Pinquettes".  

You'll find everyone's bio and individual photos there as well!  

I have included the link to the Pinque Peacock Shop on my side bar as well as the DT blog.  That's where you'll find some of the stick pins I'm so crazy about!

Have a great day today... be happy and SMILE!

~Donna K


YAY! Congrats... cant wait to see what you create. Good luck!
Karen said…
Congratulations Donna! I look forward to seeing what you create.
ScrapYourWorld said…
woo hoo!! I'm so happy to be on this journey with you!! You push me to learn new things. I appreciate your friendship!!
Kristin said…
I am blessed to be on your team as well!!! I know we are going to have a great time!
TeresaK said…
Congrats to you! I am so excited to be on the team with you!
Donna K said…
Thank you so much RaSonda. Your support means the world to me!
Donna K said…
Thank you, Karen!!
Donna K said…
I appreciate your friendship and inspiration as well, Paula! This should be a fun learning experience for us both! woo woo
Donna K said…
Thanks Kristin! Let's have some fun!!
Donna K said…
Thanks Teresa, I am looking forward to the journey!!
Unknown said…
Hi Donna I am a new follower. I read your bio on the Pinque Peacock blog and wanted to congratulate you on your 1st DT. I don't know what the problem is with your pics because I think they are great. I look forward to seeing what you create. TFS~ Mary M
Donna K said…
Thank you so much Mary! For the congratulations and for the compliments. I look forward to working with this group and growing in my "skills" I'm excited and honored to be connecting with such wonderful people! I'm hopping over to your blog right now to check things out!
Jessica Buffa said…
Donna, I have admired your talent from the first time I met you and was able to see your work. I am so super excited that you have joined the Pinquettes and can't wait to see what is in store for my viewing pleasure!
I look forward to the journey ahead!
Quirky Queen Peacock